Meet the Team..

Chris lane

Chris is the auditory mastermind and the creative wizard behind the music as you hear it. He is often found spending countless hours casting musical spells in the studio, in search for that perfect sonic enchantment. He exceeds expectation in divination and is wholeheartedly a true Gryffindor.

Bharat pant

Bharat, candidly known as Prof B is the musical prodigy that was born with strings attached. 

The guitaring genius is known for possessing a unique extraterrestrial ability to transform a musical production into something other-worldly.

Camille león

Camille Cándida León, or Camilleon for short, is the ghost of the young Enya revived. Carrying a voice fallen directly from seventh heaven, the melodic muse, and harmonic singer-songwriter does not like lights but loves limes. 

Asitang Mishra

With Yoda, partly running through his veins, Asitang is the creative visionary guru who lost his voice in his early teens trying to be the next Bryan Adams. Boasting of brains that can put a man on Mars, there is nothing that this NASA scientist, wise musical pundit, and avid Ted talker cannot do.

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